VIII Conference Program

VIII International Conference of the

International Society for Islamic Legal Studies

Islamic Law and Ethics

 6th-8th November 2015

Coinciding with the 6th Annual Conference of

the Leiden University Centre for the Study of Islam and Society (LUCIS)


The Netherlands

The LUCIS 6th annual conference will coincide with the VIII conference of the International Society for Islamic Legal Studies (ISILS) on the theme of “Islamic Law and Ethics” from Friday 6 until Sunday 8 November 2015. Leiden, along with Amsterdam, was the venue for ISILS’s first conference in 1994, and ISILS is very pleased to be returning to the city and its university.

Below is the first iteration of the programme for the conference, though it should be noted that it is subject to change between now (8th September 2015) and the conference in November.

Thursday 5th November

Participants arrive in Leiden


Friday 6th November 2015


0900: Opening remarks: ISILS President Professor Ruud Peters (Amsterdam University)/LUCIS Director Professor Petra Sijpestein (Leiden University)


0930: PANEL 1: Ethics, Punishment and the State

Siddiqui, Sohaira Z. M. (Georgetown University, Doha)

A Contemporary Case of Ethics and Law: Codifying the Ḥudūd

Kara, Seyfeddin, (Durham University)

Abolishing God’s law: the case of stoning penalty (rajm)


Short break


Hurvitz, Nimrod (Ben Gurion University of the Negev)

Ethics expanding the law: Regulating passions through practices of al-amr bi-'l-maʿrūf wa-'l-nahiy ʿan al-munkar

Quraishi-Landes, Asifa (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

“Legislating Morality” and other Illusions about Islamic Government


1130 Tea/Coffee and Tour of Leiden University Manuscript Collection


1300: Lunch


1430: PANEL 2: Ethics and Obligations

Serrano, Delfina (CSIC, Madrid)

The contribution of Ashʿarism to the development of Maliki discourses on sincere belief and good behavior: Ibn Rushd al-Jadd’s (d. Cordoba 1126 C.E.) doctrine on taklīf

Katz, Marion (New York University)

Legal Obligation and Marital Duty in Eleventh-Century Fiqh


1530 Tea/Coffee


1600: ISILS General Meeting


1700 Close followed by Reception (sponsored by Brill)


1800 Supper



Saturday 7th November 2015


0900: PANEL 3: Ethics and Legal Theory

Müller, Christian (CNRS, Paris)

Defining the sphere of “law” within Uṣūl al-fiqh.

Ayoub, Samy (University of Texas at Austin)

“Neither Desiring it, nor transgressing limits”: Necessity and Ethical Hierarchy in Islamic Law

Koujah, Rami (University of Virginia)

On the Genesis and Development of Maqāṣid al-Sharīʿa


1030 Tea/Coffee


1130 PANEL 4: Ethics and Legal Morality

Bedir, Murtaza (Istanbul University)

What is the Subject-Matter of Sharīʿa? The Meaning of ʿAmal/Fiʿl and Ethics

Hanif, Suhail (Oxford University)

Tricks or Ethics? The Problem of the Ḥīla for a Discourse on Ethics and Islamic Law

Afsaruddin, Asma (University of Indiana)

Ethical Perspectives as a Corrective to Classical Legal Formulations of Jihad


1300 Lunch


1430 Panel 5: Ethics and Legislation

Rispler-Chaim, Vardit (Haifa University)

Islamic bioethical dilemmas today between the Sharīʿa, practice and contemporary legislation: Organ donation as an example

Dahlgren, Susanne (Helsinki University)

The ethics of women’s rights in court: Three judges, three legislative eras in a family court


1530 Tea/Coffee


1630 PANEL 6: Ethics and Judicial Practice

Abdun Nasir, Mohamed (State Islamic Institute (IAIN) Mataram, Indonesia)

Procedure, Logic and Ethics of Islamic Law: Judges’ discretion in deciding legal cases filed in Indonesian religious courts

Mukhtar, Tukur Muhammad (Usman Danfodiyo University, Sokoto)

Ethics and the Operations of the Court System in Sokoto Metropolis, 1808 - 1903

Tolino, Serena (University of Zurich)

Homosexuality as a Challenge to Islamic Ethics:  Religious Discourse and Judicial Practice in Egypt.


1800 Close


1900 Conference Dinner


Sunday 8th November 2015


0930 PANEL 7: Ethics and Religious Diversity

Kermeli, Evgenia (Ankara University)

Ethics and Politics in Ottoman Jurisprudence: The `ulema discourse on non-Muslim waqfs

Hayes, Edmund (University of Chicago)

The Ethics of Charity across Sectarian Boundaries: Interpreting Imamic statements on the proper recipients of adaqa


1100 Tea/Coffee and “Orientalist” Tour of the city of Leiden


1230 Lunch


1400 PANEL 8: Ethics and Society

Schneider, Irene (University of Göttingen)

Teaching the Sharia in Palestine: The Qāḍī al-Quḍāt and his ruling on khulʿ in 2012

Ahmed, Najah Nadi (University of Oxford)

Fatwa, Ethics, and Society: A Study Based on Fieldwork at Dār Al-Iftāʾ of Egypt Divorce Cases and Social Structure


1530 Closing Panel: Professor Ruud Peters, ISILS president, and other members of LUCIS and the ISILS Executive Board


Evening of 8th or morning of 9th November


Participants Depart


The conference is free to attend; those wishing to register (so that numbers for refreshments are known in advance) are asked to email